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We only hire the very best. Check out the team working on the ledgerium
blockchain and where they had worked before.

The Founders

Ivan Cheah photo

Ivan Cheah

Co-founder & CEO

Ivan is a business executive with over 15 years of experience and a background in marketing and finance. He has held senior roles in the telecommunications, strategy consulting and automotive industry. Prior to marketing and finance, he worked as an engineer in the automotive industry, with roles in Australia, Korea and Germany. He also holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering.

Electo photo


Founder & CTO

Faisal aka “electo” is also very active in trading communities and provides a lot of technical feedback and education around bitcoin and trading in general. Faisal has worked with many of the top 100 fortune companies creating and implementing prediction based models based on both machine learning (AI) and trend analysis.

Ray Wang photo

Ray Wang


Ray has been a professional accountant for more than 10 years, and has experiences in both commercial and public accounting industries including working in financial compliance and internal control, budgeting, forecasting areas in Top 500 companies for many years and wide range of experience in many business and taxation accounting firms. Ray also has memberships in many business associations and sports clubs.

Ashwath photo


Founder/Engineering VP

A software architect, cloud enthusiast and a polyglot with experience in software engineering and abundant passion for building great software. He has worked as a solutions consultant at PWC, led the architecture for Nvidia games and led in various positions in Cisco, Intel & Philips.

Kellson Ma photo

Kellson Ma


Co-Founder of ChinaDsl.net – One of the largest Chinese broadband support community. Kellson has over 12 years of experiences in software development for education, multinational Telco & Energy Corps. Prior to us, he was working at one of the top 2 ISPs in Australia. His expertise is working with payment processers and building solutions that our compliant with industry standards.

Adam Wang  photo

Adam Wang


Chartered accountant of Australia and New Zealand; Adam started as an accountant, gathering 14 years of experience in the financial industry, super funds, F&B, and software development. Adam previously held a management role in a self-managed super fund (SMSF), and has managed over 800 million AUD in super fund assets at top-tier companies.

The Team players

Leo Huang  photo

Leo Huang


Managing partner of INP group. As a leading principal in his firm, Leo has extensive knowledge and experience in various industries, including cryptocurrency exchanges and large international corporations.

Rahul Golash photo

Rahul Golash

VP/Emerging Technologies

Holds three patents. Worked for Siemens, Broadridge financial amongst other companies prior to joining ledgerium. Rahul leads the blockchain side and the team that works on it around the world.

Santhosh Kumar  photo

Santhosh Kumar

Engineering Lead & Architect

Prior to joining ledgerium Santhosh was the front-end architect at Nvidia and one of the power houses behind the GeForce experience. He is proficient in Binary, C++, JavaScript, Python, Java and Klingon.

Steve Slayo photo

Steve Slayo

Senior Software Engineer

Steve switched from pharmacy to coding. He is now a core part of our team. He really hates censorship, and has scars to show for it. He also runs a cryptostats website which sends out really cool trade signals.

Rachel Li photo

Rachel Li

Head of Design

Rachel is a T-shaped designer digging deep in UI/UX design and leads our design team. She has experience in designing public safety related digital projects for Motorola Solutions and The Queensland Police.

Ping photo


UI/UX Designer

Ping takes stick sketches and half baked ideas from the team, and turns them into magical user experiences which are highly usable and look amazing.

Tim Cole photo

Tim Cole

Senior Web Designer

Tim has worked in the online media industry for over 5 years, designing and building websites for small to medium size businesses. He brings skills in design and a passion for the user experience.

Konstantine Huffman photo

Konstantine Huffman

Marketing Specialist

Konsta is currently studying Commerce at the University of Melbourne. He comes to Block Ledger with 2 years experience, specializing in Social Media and Content Management.

Suet Er Lee photo

Suet Er Lee

Junior Front-end Developer

Suet Er is a fresh-grad from The University of Melbourne. Her passion for IT inspire her to embark into the world of IT. Since then, she joined CoderAcademy and became a full-stack developer, working on real-life applications.

Seep Gulati photo

Seep Gulati

Junior Full Stack Developer

Seep is a full-stack developer in training. She enjoys creating simple and intuitive applications. After several years of working as a public relations professional, she kick-started her software development journey.

Ifran photo


Full Stack Developer

Started his code life working on the Nero suite in C/C++. Ifran switched languages more than jobs in the last few years and can almost code anything you throw at him. Churns out code at rapid pace while making it look easy.

Zac photo


Full Stack Developer

Worked for National Instruments, Stratasoft and currently contracts for ledgerium. He codes in C/C++ and has lots of low asic level programming experience behind him. Currently working in Golang on ledgerium core.