our simple plan with massive goals

At ledgerium we are building products and the blockchain that powers them.
For all our product currently being deployed to customers please view
lucaplus.com. For all blockchain enahncements scroll down.

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Decentralised smart
First 20 validators
Private tx support
APIs and SDKs


Naming & Identity
Fixed gas txs
Transaction relayers
Onboard 20 more Validators

Cross Chain Tx

3rd party data oracles
eth -> xlg transactions
3rd party services connectors
Onchain e-commerce


Plasma & sharding
L2 sidechains
Segregated contracts
Cross channel Communications

We Have Come A Long Way


Our start

We started in Feb 2018 in one of our core member Ray's living room.
Our management team memeber Leo had brought together a team and
like all other projects at the time, our investors wanted us to do an ICO.


The early days

Early days were difficult. We bootstrapped. Said no to an ICO, and went
about looking for more developers. The planning phase lasted more than
6 months while crypto markets bled.


The right people

Eventually after a lot of work we finally managed to make a few offers.
Our first offer declined and eventually went on to build the DEX at
Binance. Our second offer accepted, and left PwC to join us. From there
we have added many more as you will see in our team page.



Today we work out of an office that is opposite the iconic ABC news in
Melbourne. We boast some of the brightest developers in our team and
simultaneously work on getting two parallel efforts out. Ledgerium.io our
blockchain, and LUCA+ our first flagship product.